Kris Jenner is shutting down rumors concerning her son, Rob Kardashian. On May 28 stories surfaced claiming the 28-year-old had checked into a 60-day treatment program at a Palm Beach, Florida, rehab facility that specializes in drug and alcohol addiction.

Jenner told "Entertainment Tonight" those reports are “completely fabricated.” She later told E! News, “Rob is not in rehab.” Jenner spoke to her son the same day he was reported to have checked into the facility. The Kardashian momager took to Instagram May 23 to share a screenshot showing a thread of text messages between herself, Rob and her daughters Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian.

This is not the first time it’s been rumored Rob checked into rehab. In April 2014 multiple sites reported that he had sought treatment for depression and addiction at the Meadows trauma and addiction rehabilitation facility in Arizona. A rep for the sock designer addressed the rumors, saying Rob had been with trainer Gunnar Peterson in Los Angeles when the story broke. Rob himself has spoken out about similar rumors. In May 2014, not long after missing sister Kim Kardashian’s wedding, he took to Twitter to let fans know he was not attending a weight-loss camp. He later deleted the tweets.

Rob’s mental state has been the topic of much controversy for years. He withdrew from the public eye after gaining a significant amount of weight -- more than 100 pounds -- which he initially blamed on his nasty breakup with singer Rita Ora. While he has avoided being seen in public, he frequently resurfaces to share bizarre messages on social media. On March 15 Rob shared a strange Instagram post comparing his sister Kim to the killer from “Gone Girl.”

Though he has chosen not to appear on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” any longer, the effects of his mental state on his family continue to be a central theme of the show. In Season 10 Kris gathered the family in an attempt to get her son to agree to seek treatment. He declined, saying it had not worked for him in the past.