The woes of real estate millionaire Robert Durst continue to grow after he was linked to the 1971 disappearance of a Vermont college student, WCVB in Boston reported Monday. The cold case of Lynne Kathryn Schulze, an 18-year-old Middlebury College student, has never been solved, but now it’s believed Durst could have had something to do with it.

"Robert Durst owned and operated the All Good Things health food store in Middlebury, Vermont, at the same time that 18-year-old Lynne Schulze, a Middlebury College student, was reported missing in 1971," the Vermont Police Department said in a statement.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation sent an advisory for police departments to take a second look at cold cases after Durst, 71, was arrested in connection with the 2000 slaying of Susan Berman, his longtime associate.

"We're aware of the advisory that was sent to Vermont police from the FBI," Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Agati told New Hampshire’s Union Leader. "As a unit, we've decided to examine our cases as well, though I couldn't say we're looking at any specific cases or certain locations. We're just taking another look at them, in light of the advisory and the fact the Vermont is doing the same," he said.

Further details involving Schulze’s case have not been revealed.

Durst became a household name after the HBO documentary “The Jinx” premiered in February. The series centered on the links he had to the disappearance of his first wife, the death of Berman and the dismemberment of a 71-year-old neighbor. One day before the series finale he was arrested for his wife’s disappearance.

Durst appeared to have confessed to several killings when he was talking to himself and forgot he was wearing a mic on the last day of shooting “The Jinx.” “There it is, you’re caught,” he said. “... What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course," he said. It might be possible for defense lawyers to use his ambiguous “confession” during a trial, attorney Elizabeth Kase said, but it's unclear if the alleged confession will be admissible in court for now. 

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