For over 40 years, the Robert L. Adams Funeral Home has provided grief-stricken families in Compton, Los Angeles, with a rare convenience that does not usually accompany death: the drive-through. The Robert L. Adams parlor is thought to be the only drive-through funeral home in southern California and mourners never have to stop to express their sorrow. 

Since 1974, the mortuary has offered a simple alternative to traditional funerals. According to office manager Denise Knowles-Bragg, the parlor is convenient for older people who find it hard to walk, for those who want to make a quick stop during the lunch hour, and for the families of well-known deceased people who expect many visitors.  

The glass in the drive-through home is bulletproof and MSNBC speculates the drive-through's success may stem from the 1980s when the Compton area of Los Angeles was filled with gang violence. Gang members were hesitant to have traditional funerals and graveside services due to the cemetary shootouts that would occassionally follow a gang member's death. The LA Times speculates the bulletproof glass made the Robert L. Adams Funeral Home a popular place for gang funerals.