Robert Pattinson's first interview since news broke of Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal has been snapped up by "The Daily Show" and it set to air on Monday. The actor's Aug. 15 interview with "Good Morning America" was initially billed as his first post-breakup appearance.

Last month, Stewart was caught having an affair with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director, Rupert Sanders, after photographs of the two locked in a passionate embrace were released by Us Weekly. The controversy was made worse by the fact that Sanders is married with two young children.

Pattinson met Stewart on the set of "Twilight" and dated the actress for more thanthree years. He has yet to publicly comment on the very public scandal, and, while there have been a few reported sightings, the actor has not been photographed since the news of Stewart's infidelity broke.

Though Pattinson has never been one to comment on his personal life, the scandal may be impossible for him to ignore. Indeed, the fact that the 26-year-old has chosen an edgy, comedic show to make his first public appearance indicates he may be willing to poke fun at his suffering. 

Still, though "The Daily Show" follows a satirical format, there have been moments of intensity. Emmy-winning Jon Stewart aggressively interrogated CNBC's Jim Crammer about the network's coverage of the housing market in 2009. Stewart didn't shy away from tough questions during a 2010 interview with President Obama. So it's possible that Stewart, considering how fresh the wounds are, may address Pattinson's heartbreak in a more serious light.

On the other hand, his interview with R-Patz could also turn out to be a nonevent. Some felt that Pattinson's March 2010 appearance on the show was a missed opportunity for a memorable segment.

Entertainment Weekly's Mando Bierly criticized Stewart for playing it safe during the interview. 

"I wanted more from this sit-down than Stewart's punchlines. I expected him to find a way to get something real out of Pattinson, something new, and, instead, it was just the same interview everyone else has done -- only funnier."

With all the attention being paid to his personal life, it's easy to forget that Pattinson is actually promoting a film. "Cosmopolis," directed by David Cronenberg, is set to hit theaters on Aug. 17. The puzzling thriller follows a billionaire, Erik Packer (Pattinson), on a chaotic limo ride through New York City. 

Pattinson is set to appear on "The Daily Show" on Monday at 11 p.m. EST.