The late, great Robin Williams always put his all into any role. And the star’s last onscreen performance is no different, as Williams played a closeted gay married man in the indie film “Boulevard,” released almost a year after his death.

The movie is about a 60-year-old man who works as a manager in a bank. Despite being married, the character is in denial about his sexuality. That all changes when he became friends with a young gay street hustler, Variety reported.

Movie critic Peter Debruge from Variety wrote in his “Boulevard” review that Williams projected an anguished man, showing a “regret so deep and identifiable, viewers should have no trouble connecting it to whatever is missing in their own lives.” Debruge adds that this was one of the kindest characters that he’s seen Williams play.

E!News was also able to catch a sneak peek of the actor’s final film. The clip showed a dramatic confrontation between Williams’ character, Nolan, and his wife, played by Kathy Baker. Apparently, Nolan abandons his wife during a work dinner engagement to attend to a crisis with the hustler he was enamored with. The explosive scene showcased Williams’ dramatic range as his character tried to apologize to his wife while fighting back tears.

Williams’ widow Susan Schneider says of his role in “Boulevard” that “he poured his heart and soul into the film,” the Boston Globe reported. The film’s director, Dito Montiel, also recalled the conversations he had with Williams, which mostly happened around 2 or 3 in the morning given their filming schedule. The director also shared how Williams’ would invite him for a walk so they could figure out solutions for problematic scenes. Baker, Williams’ co-star in “Boulevard,” described the late actor as a true professional and a very generous person. 

Robin Williams passed away on Aug. 11, 2014.  The actor committed suicide by hanging himself.

“Boulevard” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and is scheduled to hit movie theaters on Friday.