Robyn Lawley, the first full-figure model to appear in a Ralph Lauren campaign, blames fashion designers for the industry's obsession with unrealistically thin models. During an interview with the blog Hunger, the buxom beauty shared just a few of her thoughts on a woman’s size.

"I think the industry is making such a distinction because it is so rare for any girls over a size 4 to be featured anywhere within the media," she said to the fashion blog, according to Yahoo. "I actually hold designers more accountable as they have the real power to change sample sizing. It aggravates me that almost every designer campaign uses an unrealistic frame."

But it’s not just the fashion industry that Lawley, 24, has a bone to pick with. The green-eyed stunner also pointed her finger at the media and said they are not fair to slender and plus-size women alike.

"I think if that's your natural frame you shouldn't be held accountable for damaging women. Kate Moss got labeled as an anorexic, even though she said she wasn't, it was just her natural body type. However, the damage occurs when the media continues to only use images of excessively thin women and no other variant sizing."

Lawley certainly isn’t afraid to share her opinion on the matter and examples of her frustration can be found on both sides in the celebrity world. Kim Kardashian got labeled as fat the moment she started to show some pregnancy weight and on the same token, but different side, award-wining singer LeAnn Rimes was criticized for being too skinny during her drama with former friend Brandi Glanville. 

The 24-year-old model from Australia is the first plus-sized model to appear on Australian Vogue and is arguably best known for being one of the three models to be shot for Vogue Italia's June 2011 issue.