Home Decor: Throughout 2009, Roche Bobois paid tribute to materials both classic and innovative in each of their furniture designs. From wood and marble to lacquer and textiles, designers took advantage of the design world's focus on organic thought and execution and produced some of their most outstanding collections yet.

Upon the launch of their first nationwide advertising campaign in Elle magazine, Roche Bobois became recognized as a leading brand name in innovative interior design and their success was immense.

As a brand that follows both cultural and design trends, Roche Bobois has remained contemporary by releasing time-relevant designs. In the 1970s, when television sparked a revolution in living room décor and sofas became the dominant furniture piece, Roche Bobois released Les Contemporains, the collection focused on avant-garde sofa and armchair design, ideal for turning the living room into the gathering and entertaining center of the home.