Is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's salary too high?

According to one NFL player, it is.

Atlanta Falcons reciver Roddy White took to his Twitter to voice his displeasure with his boss's salary, writing: How in the hell can u pay a man this much money that cant run tackle or catch.

To drive the point home, White also posted a link to a story which referenced the Sports Business Journal's report on Goodell's compensation.

The Journal reports that Goodell will make $20 million per season by the end of his current contract, which expires after the 2018 season.

Roger Goodell is getting over never seen anything like it 20 million for looking over the league with tremendous help I guess the NFL is banking, White continued. The NFL is not a company it's a nonprofit organization that makes a lot of profit.

When one of White's Twitter followers pointed out that Goodell is running the biggest sports league in the country, he responded saying, Thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard the players make this league dont ever forget that.

Another follower, seemingly on Goodell's side, wrote, don't mock the hand that feeds you. You are overpaid as well in my opinion.

White replied: My god given talents feed me not him.

White isn't the only player to have taken shots at Goodell, though. Several other NFL players took their own shots at the commissioner during the lockout. However, criticism since last summer's labor agreement hasn't been as frequent.

White isn't shy when it comes to voicing his opinion via Twitter. In 2010, he apologized after ripping the New Orleans Saints and the city itself in a series of tweets.

One of White's followers asked him in a tweet if he expected to be fined for questioning Goodell's salary.

I hope not im praying not i need my money, he replied.