Roku has announced a brand new line of streaming media players, after weeks of leaks on the products.

The most affordable model is the Roku Express, which just costs $29.95. The Roku Express will replace the Roku 1, and has double the processing power in the chip. This means the Roku Express will be faster than the Roku 1. The Roku Express also offers 1080p HD streaming. For $39.99, The Roku Express+ will offer similar features but is designed to work with older TVs, especially if you don’t feel like upgrading to a smart TV.

Both the Roku Express and the Roku Express+ will ship with an IR remote, but won’t support private listening through the headphone jack, though the Roku iOS and Roku Android app offers private listening and voice search.

If you’re looking to move your Roku between TVs - or watch TV in different rooms, The Roku Stick for $49.99, might be a great option. The Roku Stick includes a remote, dual-band MIMO wireless, and supports video from YouTube and Netflix apps on the TV. It also offers a quad-core processor, which means it will be super powerful.

The Roku 2 will be renamed the Roku Premiere and Premiere+, and will be priced at $79.99 and $99.99. The Roku Premiere and Premiere will offer consumers high-quality picture. The Premiere, Premiere, and Ultra - all offer a “night listening” mode that automatically adjusts the volume, meaning, quiet sounds will become louder and loud sounds will become quieter.

Both the Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+ can stream 4K video, and supports HDR for higher picture quality, and has a headphone jack in its remote control.

At the top of the line, The Roku Ultra has everything from 4K and HDR support, to a quad-core processor, 802.11ac dual-band wireless, and Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus to support sound in home theaters. It also offers voice search and helps users find their lost remote. Each Roku streaming media player will give users access to 3,500 streaming channels and 350,000 TV and episodes and movies. Roku can now help users find better content in genres like music, comedy, cooking, and sports.

If you’re not at home and looking to stream, Roku players have new features called “Hotel Connect” and “Dorm Connect,” which make it easy to connect to public networks. Users can also download the free Roku iOS app to control their Roku device through an iPhone or iPad, and have access to private listening, voice search, and more.

The company said that the new streaming media players are available for pre-order starting today and they will hit stores on Oct.9.