Each year, the online marketing business continues to grow indefinitely and that growth parallels the skyrocketing success of social media. Although some may not correlate the two, there is certainly a connection between the increase in online marketing revenues and the expansion of social media.

SEO companies use search engines to help drive traffic to their clients' websites. The popularity of those search engines provides an outlet for correctly optimized pages to be visible on a global scale. However, social networking sites are now offering similar visibility. Networks such as Facebook, Google and Twitter rank amongst the most frequently viewed websites on the Internet. These and other social networking brands are now also playing a role in search engine results. When pages are shared, it affects their organic search engine rankings. Google has even introduced new features to further integrate social elements into their search technology.

Social networks reach nearly every imaginable demographic. Whether a company is looking to specifically target a niche audience or appeal to virtually everyone; a social media marketing campaign can achieve the desired results. Online advertisers and marketers are very aware of the power of social media. As this social trend grows, it creates even more opportunity for brands to gain online recognition.

Although social media and online marketing do make a great combination, there is a distinct difference between correlation and causation. Social networking brands and online marketing companies were both successful before they crossed paths; however, their relationship has been mutually beneficial.

While many companies have seen results from the implementation of social media strategies, designing a strong campaign geared toward social media enhancement is still an intricate process. While many tools and techniques are already available to developers, there are likely to be more to come. With the anticipated increase in social networking usage and online marketing revenue in the months ahead, now is the ideal time for businesses to take action and begin developing a social-targeted online marketing strategy.