Romania's ruling Democrat-Liberal Party has regained some ground after a government change earlier this month but the main opposition group would still win a parliamentary majority, an opinion poll showed on Monday.

Emil Boc resigned as premier on February 6 following weeks of protests against an IMF-approved regime of spending cuts and tax increases and was quickly replaced by Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, who pledged to maintain most policies.

The survey, conducted by pollster CCSB between February 11 and February 14, showed the PDL would win 18 percent of votes, up from 15.8 percent in a late January poll.

An opposition alliance of Social Democrats and Liberals (USL) would poll 57 percent, up from 53.4 percent in January. A parliamentary election is expected in November.

The PDL won 33 percent of votes in the last election in 2008 and its ratings have been hit by painful measures to shore up public finances to conclude a 20-billion-euro (16 billion pound) aid deal led by the International Monetary Fund.

The poll also showed 81 percent of respondents approved of the resignation of former Prime Minister Boc.

The newly formed People's Party led by media tycoon Dan Diaconescu, advocating populist measures including tax cuts, is seen polling 12 percent.

The ethnic Hungarian party (UDMR) and the National Union for Romania's Progress, both government coalition partners, would garner below the 5 percent threshold needed to win seats.

(Reporting by Ioana Patran; Editing by Sam Cage)