A 200-page opposition document on Mitt Romney, dubbed The Romney Book, was published online Wednesday. The Romney Book appears to have been created by Sen. John McCain during his 2008 presidential run, according to Yahoo news.

The Romney Book is an in-depth look on everything about Romney, and it includes a biographical timeline, his stance on a variety of social issues, and even a section on his flip-flops.

Romney is currently the GOP frontrunner to campaign against President Barack Obama in the 2012 election and this document could prove to be very valuable to his opponents. It includes personal quotes that Romney allegedly said to his family, including I thought becoming rich and famous would make me happy. Boy was I right.

The Romney Book takes an intensive look into Romney's stance on the majority of social issues, including abortion, gay rights, stem cell research, and gun control. The book includes specific includes details such as In December 2005, Romney abruptly ordered his administration to reverse course and require Catholic hospitals to provide emergency contraception medication to rape victims, Romney promised to make gay partnership benefits a hallmark of my leadership as governor and has said he would attend gay weddings if invited, and Romney bragged about being member of the NRA but later revealed he didn't join until August 2006, just before launching his presidential campaign.

The Romney Book also cites older articles that are no longer available, including a 1991 Boston Globe article that said how Romney's Financial Services company, Bain Capital, cultivated a mystique around the secretive firm, which was once dubbed 'the KGB of consulting.' Partners didn't carry business cards and referred to clients by code names. ... And it inculcated in the recruits such a sense of mission that young consultants became known as Bainies, a reference to the Unification Church's Moonies.

Later on in the book, there is a section titled Questionable Republican Credentials, which calls his political leanings into question. Romney Called Himself A Progressive-On-Social-Issues Governor of Massachusetts, the author wrote. The author writes alter on in the same sections Who Is The Real Mitt Romney? Twelve years ago, Romney boasted that he would be more effective infighting discrimination against gay men and lesbians than Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), distanced himself from some conservative policies of the Reagan administration, and proudly recalled his family's record in support of abortion rights. The apparent gulf between the candidate who ran for the Senate in 1994 and the one getting180ready to run for president has raised questions as to who is the real Mitt Romney.

But the Romney Book isn't all about his political views. There is a section called Awkward Moments, which, among other things, notes that Romney once said that the Harlem Globetrotters have trouble making touchdowns

All in all, the file is a complete look at Romney, who very well could be the next President of the United States of America, if this document doesn't damage him too much. You can see the entirety of the Romney Book below.

The Romney Book