Fresh off the Louis Vuitton condoms hype on Twitter and as the birth control debate gains more steam, a new type of condom is making a splash on the Internet: Romney condoms. They are the latest attempt at poking fun at Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, and were launched on Wednesday.

Romney condoms are being sold for $2.95 on the Web site Say It With a Condom. As of 11 a.m. Thursday, Romney condoms were listed as the current top seller on the Web site.

The slogan for Romney condoms is Never Settle and the packaging features a caricature of the presidential hopeful flashing his famous smile. Behind the picture are lots of $100 bills.

I think you see a lot of people who are really unhappy with the choices in the Republican primary, Benjamin Sherman, founder of Say It With a Condom, told the New York Daily News. We're saying people shouldn't settle when picking their political candidates or their partners.

The condoms surfaced after Romney lost out in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, but may not be the kind of publicity the candidate is looking for.

Birth control and religion are becoming top issues in the presidential race and could bring risks and benefits to both President Barack Obama and Romney his challenger. Healthcare plans are now required to cover birth control without charging any co-pays or deductibles beginning Aug. 1.

Reuters has reported that House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner has joined an outcry from religious leaders and social conservatives over the requirement that health insurance plans, including those at Catholic hospitals, charities and universities, offer birth control to women.

TMZ also reported that the owner of the company said his operation is legit because a State Supreme Court judge had previously ruled that the products are protected under his First Amendment right to free speech.

Here is what the product description of the Romney condom stated: Despite Mitt's inability to stick to a position, Romney condoms are great for any position.

And who are the condoms targeted toward? Anyone with an elitist penis.

So what are the benefits of the Romney condoms?

Well, they are tax free so even the poor can afford them. They are one 'safety net' that doesn't have any holes and they keep unemployment low by preventing additions to the work force, according to the Web site.

On Wednesday, Louis Vuitton condoms were a trending topic on Twitter. The fake LV condoms were designed by Georgia Republic architect Irakli Kiziria at a high price of $68.

Here are other political condoms and slogans created by the makers of Romney condoms: