Ron Kronenberger, an Ohio landlord, beat his tenant with a belt for falling behind on his rent.

The victim, who is 29-years-old, owed $2,800 in rent, and when he did not pay it, Kronenberger whipped him four times, saying, "If you're going to act like a child, I'm going to treat you like one,” according to a police report. 

Police Chief Gary Copeland stated that the tenant submitted to the beating because “he was scared and just wanted to get it over with.” He even bent over for the landlord and placed his hands on a chair.

Kronenberger allegedly whipped the tenant four times with a belt, leaving small marks.

The Dayton Daily News reported that the landlord is a respected local business leader who was named "Citizen of the Year" in 2006 in Waynesville. 

He has been charged with one count of assault. 

Local residents have mixed opinions about the beating. 

Dave Roberts of Waynesville told ABC affiliate WKEF, "If he owed me $2,800 I'd spank him too.”

But Debbie Smith, also of Waynesvile, expressed surprise at Kronenberger’s actions

"For someone who owns a business, it's unheard of. I just couldn't believe it," she told WKEF.

Kronenberger is expected to appear in court on Thursday.