Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul is known for his loyal support base. Since the beginning of his presidential campaign, he has successfully built and maintained a strong organization and funding machine.

Though he is yet to win any major state, he is only behind Mitt Romney when it comes to raising funds and campaign management among the GOP presidential candidates.

Unlike his rivals whose campaign funders are large corporate houses, pro-establishment entities, Paul's millions have come through a steady flow of small checks from his individual supporters. His biggest funders are from the U.S. military forces.

Paul and his campaign have so far had it smoothsailing in the topsy-turvy Republican presidential race, as his money chest was always full.

However, it looks like his slow pace in the GOP race has started affecting the enthusiasm of his supporter base. According to the fund-raising statement, filed by his campaign with the Federal Election Commission, his fund inflow has seen a sharp decrease.

Paul has raised $3.3 million in February according to his statement. Though the sum looks respectable, it was less than the $3.5 million that he spent in that month. His fund inflow for the month is also less than $4.5 million he received in the previous month.

According to the figures, he started with $1.6 million dollars in hand for the month of March and this indeed is a sign of distress for his campaign.