Ron Paul is being discussed as phenomenon in the U.S. now. The support he is gathering among the younger Republicans as well as the independent voters is creating ripples in the GOP. The Republican leaders look astonished and confused on how to handle the Ron Paul Revolution.

Paul and the support he has built based on his ideology indeed should be an eye opener for the GOP. Ron Paul has grown beyond his presidential candidacy to be an icon of change. He is no more considered as just another Republican candidate.  Instead, he represents a strong ideology that has the strength to transform the party and the country.

The conservative Republicans and the party leaders initially imagined that Paul would never emerge strongly because of his ideology. The Paul brigade has proved them wrong. It is time for the Republican Party to accept his success and examine the reasons for it.

No matter the GOP leaders wish it or not, Paul's success will force them to rethink on the existing Republican principles. The earlier they do it, the better it is for the Republican Party.

The Paul phenomenon is important for the GOP because the party itself is undergoing a transformational period. It's a well-known fact that the Republican Party has more influence over the older generation than the younger generation in the country.

The reason is that the youngsters in America are growing more liberal in terms of social conservatism, individual liberty and other issues which concern them. The GOP is struggling to consolidate libertarians and youngsters to its fold. 

The two-party system in the U.S. has not given much choice for the people to choose an ideology that they believe would suit them the best. This explains the growing number of independent voters in the country.

Paul has successfully tapped these independent voters as well as the youngsters in the GOP. Apart from his clean personal record, they are also influenced by his principles and ideology. His supporters are multiplying day-by-day. Results in Iowa and New Hampshire prove this point.

A comparison of 2008 and 2012 Republican primaries shows that while Mitt Romney just marginally improved his vote share he received in 2008 election, Paul doubled his vote share in Iowa and almost tripled it in New Hampshire.

This is a clear indicator that Paul and his ideology are getting accepted in the American Society and both parties in the country should listen to Paul and his supporters.

The GOP leadership needs to learn from his success. No party can survive in long-term if it moves away from the younger population since they represent the future. Paul has captured the imagination of the youth which the GOP badly needs for its growth. The GOP is set to gain in the long run since he is drawing independent voters and the Democrats to the party fold.

If they decide to consider the Paul Revolution with the due merit it deserves and adapt his ideology to the existing Republican principles, then it can do wonders in inflating the GOP base in the country. Though it looks different, yet Paul's ideology is actually close to the core Republican values.

The fact is that even if the GOP leaders don't admit it, Paul's success will have direct bearing over the Republican Party. He is contesting elections as a Republican and is winning delegates within the party. So naturally the party will see more delegates with Paulism, which eventually will influence the direction of the GOP.

Another important reason why he is inevitable for the GOP is that they really don't have an alternative. It's a concern that there is not even a single candidate with a clean record and mass appeal who is ideal and subscribes to the Republican values.

Ron Paul is the best candidate available in the Republican fray today for his virtues, principles and record. Going by the consistency he has shown so far, it seems one can say that he will place public interest over personal interests.

So it is better for the GOP if the party recognizes and understands the Ron Paul Revolution and accepts it at the earliest.