As we arrive at the end of the year and prepare to hit 2012 and the homestretch of the presidential election, in an era when America is wobbling with political unsureness and economic woes, we should take a cue from Ron Paul's people for the future.

Say what you want about Ron Paul 2012 and the candidate's loyal legion of followers. We can debate political positions, though Paul's positions are increasingly taking hold among a wider audience. But there's no debate that Ron Paul's people are the most passionate in this land.

No other political candidate or base comes close.

Sure, it can be annoying to political opponents, the incessant driving home of the message online and elsewhere from Ron Paul's people. Yet that is the biggest compliment that can be paid to Ron Paul's people. They believe, they are passionate, and they are not afraid to speak up and out about it.

America needs fixing, they say. America needs drastic solutions they say. And, perhaps they are right. Something needs to change, certainly, since what we have one of two citizens living at or near poverty according to recent data and a federal government that bleeds money.

Other candidates have platforms, other candidates talk about solutions, and other candidates have supporters. But they don't have what Ron Paul has thousands of Americans adamant that we need something different and Ron Paul is just that, someone willing to speak truth in a political world tainted by money and fuzzy gray matter.

They've been called zealots, due to their fanatical ways. It's not meant as a compliment, but in reality, it is probably just that. Take Democratic President Barack Obama as one example. In seeking re-election, one of his biggest challenges has been mobilizing a true passionate base. It almost seems at times like Democrats support him because he's what they've got.

Most don't really seem to care beyond making sure a Republican doesn't get in the way. It's not just Democrats, either. Too many American don't even bother to vote, much less take a stand for what they think is important.

Yet Paul's passionate base is a testament to America, a country that was built on passion people willing to stand up for what they believe, and speak loud and proud for it. For too long this country has been ruled from the top down. It was designed, however, to rise from the grass roots up, with the power emanating from the people.

That's they way Ron Paul's supporters do it. They still believe that people can have a voice, that people deserve a voice. They don't always get a fair shake. And, they don't always get the credit due for their candidate, Ron Paul. Yet they keep scrapping, fighting loud and proud for what they believe in.

As we move into another year in this country, needing to solve the many problems that plague, there's a good lesson to be learned from the people of Paul. If's this: If more Americans had the same passion, this country would get farther down the road faster.