One company that is starting to evolve into a global presence is the Chinese Corporation Rongfu Aquaculture, Inc. Located in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Rongfu has grown into a leader in the commercial freshwater aquaculture industry. Today, the young company took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement they have participated in the “Live Fish Transportation from Southern China to Northern China by Train.”

The “Live Fish Transportation Project” marks a milestone for Rongfu because they are the first company in the Guangdong Province of the PRC to be authorized to use such technology. This national project has been run by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Railway since 2007 and has reached a breakthrough which will provide national exposure and recognition for Rongfu.

One of the leaders at Rongfu is Mr. Chen Zhisheng who serves as the Chairman of the young company. When asked why this project is advantageous to Rongfu, Zhisheng was quoted as saying, “Chinese prefer to purchase live fish. This is quite different from the process in the United States, where people normally eat refrigerated, frozen, or processed fish. The challenge is that fresh water fisheries are concentrated in southern China and in the winter, there is a shortage of fish in the North. Transporting fish by truck from south to north is expensive. More importantly, many of the fish die during transport. In this project, we have built railroad containers that circulate water and control the temperature. In our testing, we have had a much improved survival rate at much lower cost. Mass production of these containers is now progressing. This should enable us to gain a strong competitive advantage in selling and delivering fish to northern and inland regions of China.”

Currently, Rongfu is trading in the $3.90 range. With this breaking news and an array of positive occurrences within their pipeline, Rongfu is certainly a company institutional investors will consider placing in their portfolio.

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