Ronn Motor Company, Inc. announced this morning that representatives from Ronn Motors and Frigette Energy Systems have made plans to travel to Beijing, China in June to meet with Chinese automakers and the Chinese Government to demonstrate the H2GO(TM) real-time Hydrogen injection system’s fuel efficiencies and positive environmental impact through significantly reduced emissions.

Ronn Maxwell, CEO of Ronn Motors, commented, “The Chinese Market represents a potentially lucrative market for the H2GO(TM) system and our automobiles. In the United States, there are approximately 998 automobiles for every 1000 people, whereas in China, the ratio is about 2 automobiles for every 1000 people. To reach a saturation level, only 1/2 that of the United States, will require approximately 600 million more vehicles, all of which will need to be more energy efficient and emission clean, creating a market nearly three times the size of the American automotive market.”

In the past decade, China has gone from virtually a non-existent automotive industry to annual sales of more than 10 million vehicles. It is anticipated that the nation will capture the No. 1 spot from the U.S. no later than 2020. Of course with this tremendous increase, vehicles are now the single largest contributor to pollution. This problem will only increase exponentially as vehicle sales continue to dramatically increase.

Mr. Maxwell also stated, “Our invitation from the Chinese Government and the country’s automotive manufacturers substantiates their overwhelming and immediate concern for the environment caused by seriously increasing vehicle pollution. Fuel economy and emissions are among the two largest problems facing Chinese automakers today. We believe that extensive installation and use of our H2GO(TM) system would provide a positive economic and environmental impact to China which is what we plan to demonstrate in June. As well, we expect to more quickly expand and leverage both Ronn Motors and Frigette’s existing relationships in the Chinese market as a result of this upcoming meeting.”