Early this week, Ronn Motor Company, Inc. announced that it has completed testing and final production design for its new H2GO(TM) real time hydrogen injection system. Frigette Energy Systems and Ronn Motors executives have been conducting evaluations this week to prepare for a preliminary focused manufacturing and distribution roll-out to the general public.

Ronn Maxwell, CEO of Ronn Motor Co., stated, “The initial phase roll-out will consist of certain families of Ford vehicles, and over-the-road 18 wheelers from the fleet of RJ Pipkin Company, Ltd. and the fleet of RBX Management Corp., Independent Fleet Owner and Contractor to FedEx Ground. Automobile installations will primarily be installed through our AAMCO transmission owner association affiliates.”

H2GO(TM) can be adapted to any internal combustion piston engine vehicle including the 250+ million registered vehicles on American roads alone. The company believes its H2GO(TM) system is ideal for over-the-road fleet trucks and RVs, as well as prop aircrafts and boats and is able to generate substantial savings for fleet vehicle operators.

Mr. Maxwell added, “We believe that our H2GO(TM) system presents a tremendous value-added opportunity for Ronn Motors. If we are able to install our H2GO(TM) product in 1/2 of 1% of all American cars and trucks on the road today, we could realize sales of 1.5 million units. We have geared our production capacities with Frigette Energy Systems to meet that anticipated demand. If we are able to achieve this level of market penetration, we believe that United States CO2 emissions could be reduced by millions of tons each year, saving business and consumers money and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Clearly, there would be a significant benefit to our environment as well.”