After sifting through more than 150,000 pieces of evidence and spending six months investigating tips, the Beverly Hills Police Department has finally closed publicist Ronno Chasen's November murder investigation, a Beverly Hills Courier reports.

It was concluded in January by police that the same gun shot Chasen four times which Harold Martin Smith used to kill himself on Dec. 1 as police arrived at his apartment building to question him.

Chasen was gunned down near Sunset Boulevard and Whittier Drive on Nov. 16 as she drove home from a Burlesque premiere after a party.

The Police took around six months of investigation before concluding there was nothing to counter their initial investigation.

In January, Beverly Hills Police Chief David Snowden told THR that the case was solved and there was no conspiracy. At one point, it had been speculated the killing was a hit.

That man is the man that shot her, there is no conspiracy, nothing else was involved, Snowden said. I know a lot of people don't like to see it end like that -- they'd rather have something more dramatic, but that's just the way it is. The facts are the facts.

It is believed that Smith used a bicycle to get to and from the scene of the crime and shot her in an attempted robbery, the report said.