A trailer for The Girl With the Dragoon Tatoo has been released to the web, and specifically, YouTube.

The movie stars Rooney Mara in the lead role. She was most recently cast in The Social Network. Also in the film is Daniel Craig and Stellan Skarsgard.

The movie is being released in December and is being directed by David Fincher who also directed 'The Social Network.' The film went on to win multiple Academy Awards.

The public has seen publicity photos of Mara as lead character Lisbeth Salander. However images from the film showing her and other actors are being seen widely for the first time.

YouTube user 'dobvlvstiuwir'posted the trailer on May 28. It begins with a warning from the Motion Picture Association of America declaring the preview has been approved for Mature Audiences Only.

Movie marketers in recent years have increasingly relied on raunchy ads known as “red-band” trailers to stir interest in their films, the New York Times noted in a report in February.

The publication noted that while most trailers are approved for broad audiences, the red band trailers usually include nudity, profanity and other material deemed inappropriate for children.

While many theaters refuse to run such trailers they are widely distributed online, the publication noted.

Below is a selection of photos of Mara from previous films and appearances, as well as stills from the trailer.