Tiger who?

The world's most famous golfer, Tiger Woods, is still injured and not competing in the U.S. Open, and that's probably a good thing the way a young superstar is rising to perhaps take over the mantle of the most recognized golfer in the world.

Rory McIlroy is off to more than just another fantastic start. After leading the way at Augusta in April, the Northern Ireland phenom is storming through the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland at the 111th annual U.S. Open.

McIlroy has the second-largest 54-hole lead in the history of the tournament. He shot 68 on Saturday, to finish 14 under par.

He has an 8-shot lead on Y.E. Chang, who is having a great tournament, but is being overshadowed by the historic performance by McIlroy. Sunday's finish could be among the most memorable U.S. Opens ever.

McIlroy had a forgettable 18 in the second round on Friday, where he hooked his drive into the trees, and finished with a double-bogey. However, his three-day run had been spectacular. Playing like a seasoned veteran, the 22-year-old star has been excellent from start to finish.

Former Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly made it sound like McIlroy was destined for a collapse after the Second Round. McIlroy may be young but he is no Greg Norman.

McIlroy has experience in blowing a big lead, but the next round at Congressional will likely be a formality, as a new legend in golf appears to be emerging.

Now, it's just a matter of how McIlroy finishes.

Here's a complete look at the leaderboard.

1R. McIlroy-3F-14656668 199
2Y.E. Yang-1F-6686970 207
T3R. Garrigus-3F-5707068 208
T3L. Westwood-6F-5756865 208
T3J. Day-6F-5717265 208
T6S. Garcia-2F-4697169 209
T6M. Kuchar-2F-4726869 209
T6F. Jacobson-5F-4746966 209
9K. Kim-2F-3697269 210
T10H. Slocum-1F-2717070 211
T10B. Van Pelt-3F-2766768 211
T10D. Love III-1F-2707170 211
T10H. Stenson-2F-2707269 211
T10B. Jobe-1F-2717070 211
T15B. Snedeker+1F-1707072 212
T15P. Hanson-2F-1727169 212
T15Z. Johnson+1F-1716972 212
T15K. Chappell-2F-1766769 212
T15W. Simpson-5F-1757166 212
T15P. Cantlay-1F-1756770 212
T21S. Stricker-2FE756969 213
T21R. HenleyEFE736971 213
T21A. Quiros+1FE707172 213
T21G. McDowell-2FE707469 213
T21L. OosthuizenEFE697371 213
T21H. Frazar-3FE727368 213
T27D. Kim-1F+1737170 214
T27R. Palmer+2F+1697273 214
T27B. Haas-3F+1737368 214
T27M. Leishman+1F+1736972 214
T27C. Schwartzel+1F+1687472 214
T27J. Senden+1F+1707272 214
T33D. Johnson-2F+2757169 215
T33S. Noh+2F+2727073 215
T33R. Sabbatini-1F+2727370 215
T36J. Edfors+3F+3707274 216
T36S. Kang-1F+3747270 216
T36A. Noren+3F+3756774 216
T36P. Harrington+1F+3717372 216
T36M. Kaymer+1F+3747072 216
T41G. HavretEF+4776971 217
T41B. Cauley+3F+4717274 217
T41R. KarlssonEF+4796771 217
T41R. Rock+5F+4707176 217
T41C. Reavie+1F+4707572 217
T41R. GoosenEF+4737371 217
T41G. Woodland+2F+4737173 217
T48B. Gay+3F+5737174 218
T48E. Molinari+3F+5747074 218
T48L. Glover+2F+5766973 218
T48J. Overton+3F+5727274 218
T48M. Putnam+2F+5747173 218
T48R. Ishikawa+3F+5747074 218
T54M. Manassero+2F+6747273 219
T54M. Siem+3F+6796674 219
T54A. Hadwin+2F+6757173 219
T57L. Donald+3F+7747274 220
T57P. Mickelson+6F+7746977 220
T57S. Piercy+5F+7737176 220
T57K. Kuboya+3F+7737374 220
T57B. Watson+3F+7717574 220
T57C. Hoffman+4F+7717475 220
T57K. Streelman+3F+7737374 220
T64J. Henry+5F+8727376 221
T64C. Greyling+4F+8727475 221
T64S. Bae+4F+8757175 221
T64A. Rocha+5F+8697676 221
T64A. Kim+4F+8747275 221
T64J. Hicks+5F+8747176 221
70T. Hamilton+6F+9737277 222
T71W. Heffernan+8F+12757179 225