Rosemarie DeWitt has exited “The Newsroom.”

Deadline reports that the actress, who was slated to appear in multiple episodes of the show’s second season, bowed out due to "scheduling conflicts."

“As the production schedule for season two of ‘The Newsroom’ has shifted, Rosemarie DeWitt has encountered scheduling conflicts and will no longer be able to continue in her role,” HBO said in a statement.

News of DeWitt’s role was announced last November. The 41-year-old was set to portray Rebecca Halliday, a litigator who defends the ACN network after they’re hit with a wrongful termination suit.

The “Nobody Walks” star will be replaced by another actress. DeWitt had already filmed a few scenes, which will now be reshot.

But could there be more to the story?

According to Entertainment Weekly, DeWitt’s role underwent some changes during production. Is it possible that the actress didn’t agree with the direction her story line was going in?

“The Newsroom” centers on a temperamental news anchor (Jeff Daniels) who fights to cover what he sees as legitimate news stories despite being under pressure to draw ratings.

The love-it-or-hate-it drama, created by Aaron Sorkin, has been the subject of severe scrutiny.

Several critics referred to the show as “Sorkin’s Worst Show Yet,” and Forbes accused HBO of spinning a few words of praise for the series into widespread acclaim.

Sorkin has been heavily criticized for displaying backward views on women and recycling the dialogue and plot points of his previous work. “The Social Network” scribe was also lambasted for attacking a digital reporter, calling her Internet Girl.

A July story published by the Daily alleged that Sorkin fired most of the show’s writing staff except his ex-girlfriend Corinne Kinsbury, who has few writing credits to her name.

Sorkin later denied the claims as "totally untrue," saying that any turnover of the writing staff between seasons was "routine."

The Oscar-winning writer has shrugged off criticism of the series but said during an August press conference that he would be relying on newly hired consultants while developing the show’s second season.  

“I have some really bright interesting conservative minds who have worked in conservative politics that will help me bolster some conservative arguments at those moments that we’re talking about politics,” he said.

Aside from Sorkin setting out to present a more balanced perspective, few details on the show’s second season have emerged.  

Regardless of what caused Dewitt to depart “The Newsroom,” fans of the star have taken to Twitter in support of her decision.

“I'm always for more Rosemary DeWitt but this is probably for the best,” tweeted @BenjaminBirdie.

“Rosemarie DeWitt is no longer on The Newsroom. Whatever the reason, good for her. That show is extraordinarily stupid,” posted @MovieFiend51.

DeWitt has made a name for herself as an indie film star and has had notable recurring roles on hit shows like “Mad Men” and “United States of Tara.” She’s also a frequent performer on the off-Broadway stage.

The actress is currently starring alongside Matt Damon and John Krasinki in Gus Van Sant’s “Promised Land.” This year, she’ll appear in “Touchy Feel,” directed by Lynn Shelton, which will appear at the Sundance Film Festival.