Turns out, Rosie Perez is also sorry she’s not sorry. The co-host of ABC’s “The View” was quick to call out -- and then apologize to -- Kelly Osbourne when she made an offensive comment about the Latino community Tuesday morning. But now Perez says she might have been too soft on the lavender-haired fashionista.

“I tweeted at #KellyOsbourne in an effort to help keep her from spiraling after her unfortunate comment,” she wrote Wednesday. “I went overboard with my apology- #mybad. But I don't apologize for speaking up and calling her on it-mistake or not, it was offensive. And please don't ever question my support for mi gente... Ever.”

At first, Rosie made it seem as though she had completely forgiven the former “Fashion Police” co-host. “My apologies @KellyOsbourne, I took your point wrong-#Trump #Latinos. My bad. Your heart is so pure & righteous. I adore you. @TheView,” she wrote after Tuesday’s explosive show. The women on "The View" were discussing Donald Trump's stance on immigration, and Kelly said that if he kicked all the Latinos out of the country, there wouldn't be anyone left to clean his toilet bowl.

Rosie’s confusing apology is on par with the statement Kelly, 30, released. She essentially said she misspoke but would not apologize for being racist, because she is not racist.

Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne, pictured at the "Trailblazer Honors" 2015 in New York City on July 25, recently got into hot water for comments she made on "The View." Photo: Getty

Kelly, the daughter of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne, says on her Twitter profile, “I AM WHO I AM! #KellysHeroes You DON'T have to LIKE everyone! You DO have to LOVE everyone!” Now, she comes off as hypocritical.

Though she didn’t do it directly, Kelly condemned E! News host Giuliana Rancic after she said that singer Zendaya Coleman looked like she smelled of patchouli oil and weed when she wore dreadlocks to the 2015 Oscars in February. When she was accused of making the comment, Kelly snapped back, “I DID NOT MAKE THE WEED COMMENT. I DO NOT CONDONE RACISM SO AS A RSULT OF THIS IM SEREIOULSY QUESTIONONIG STAYING ON THE SHOW!” She ultimately left the show.

After Kelly’s non-apology Tuesday, she has not issued another comment on the issue.

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