One company that has started to catch the attention of investors is the Rostock Ventures Corporation. Located in San Diego, California, Rostock is a development stage company that has acquired the mineral rights to multiple gold prospects within North America. Today, Rostock announced it has acquired an exploration license to a past producing gold mine.

The property Rostock has acquired a license for is located in Hants County, Nova Scotia Canada in an area generally known as the Central Rawdon Mines. There is historic data which indicates that these mines produced 6,744 ounces of gold from 5,335 tons of crushed material which represents an average grade of 1,264 ounce per ton gold from 1897 to 1954.

One of the leaders at Rostock is Luis Carrillo who serves as the President of the young company. Carrillo was quoted as saying, “It is not every day when you are able to acquire the rights to a license in an area that has historically produced gold. When you consider that gold is near an all time high, this acquisition could not come at a more opportune time.”

The Central Rawdon Mines area production and exploration from 1897 to 1954 consisted of two incline shafts, 13 shafts to depths of 80 meters, and several trench pits and the area’s geology is very valuable making this a major acquisition for Rostock.

Currently, Rostock is trading in the $0.28 range. With this new acquisition and more developments in their pipeline, Rostock is certainly a company investors should keep an eye on.

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