Go open your office refrigerator right now. I bet there's a dried out faccia bread sandwich, a wilted chef's salad and a Yoo-Hoo, circa 1979-ish.

Actually, don't look! Because your boss may ask you to clean it out and your health benefits probably don't include hazard pay.

That's why you got to feel for the 28 employees of a San Jose, California office building who were overcome by the fumes from old rotting food.

Seven of the workers at the AT&T building were taken to a local hospital after trying to clean up the mess. The stink was so vile that the San Jose Fire Department's hazmat team were dispatched to the location.

Believe it or not, they were concerned about a terrorism attempt. A total of 50 fire-fighters and 18 emergency responders arrived at the scene, and were greeted by 325 employees standing out in the parking lot.

In the end, the hazmat team discovered no toxins, but they suspect the rotting food - whatever it was - coupled with the solvents used to clean it up created a strange brew, causing people to puke their brains out.

I wish I knew the recipe. I got a noisy neighbor!

Via Mercury News.