If rumors are to be believed, then Rovio's most popular game Angry Birds could make its Hollywood debut.

The information was revealed by Andrew Stalbow, the North American general manager for Rovio, who spoke at TechCrunch Disrupt on Monday. Stalbow said that Hollywood is hot for the Angry Birds franchise and the company may engage in new entertainment opportunities in the upcoming months.

There's a very strong focus on Angry Birds to turn it into an entertainment franchise, Stalbow said. That's why I joined.

Stalbow, however, refused to comment about a potential Angry Birds movie that could be in development. The company, previously, created short series of videos for YouTube that surveyed the background of the game and the birds, and other supplemental content. According to Stalbow, the videos have pulled in 150 million views on YouTube alone.

Finland-based Rovio currently sells an amazing 1 million plush Angry Birds per month. In addition to that, nearly a million t-shirts per month are also sold, according to a PCMag report.

Angry Birds has been praised for its successful combination of addictive gameplay, comical style, and low price. With a combined 300 million downloads across all platforms and including both regular and special editions, the game has been called 'one of the most mainstream games out right now,' 'one of the great runaway hits of 2010', and 'the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far.'

In April 2011, Angry Birds won both the Best Game App and App of the Year at the UK Appy Awards, and at the 15th edition of the Webby Awards, the game was awarded Best Game for Handheld Devices.