Royal Quantum Group Inc. is focusing on acquiring, exploring and developing resource properties located within geo-politically stable countries. The company currently has two oil and gas prospects located on the Nemaha Ridge in North-Central Oklahoma.

The company is led by a skilled management team that has accumulated years of business experience. This team has a history of successfully managing early stage mineral exploration companies and has tremendous potential to lead the company to great success. The members of the management team include:

Ron Ruskowsky – CEO, CFO and president of the company – Mr. Ruskowsky has a diverse and strong background in corporate structure, management and finance. He has been involved in all aspects of management, from marketing to finance and acquisitions in both public and private companies for more than 20 years.

Roger Janssen – secretary and vice-president of the company – Mr. Janssen has been in senior management positions in the private and public sector for the past 25 years. He has owned and operated a successful manufacturing business and has traveled internationally as a management consultant for a number of private companies during their start-up phase.

Phil van Angeren – exploration manager/geologist – Mr. Van Angeren has over 25 years experience in managing exploration and development programs in both precious metals and oil & gas throughout North and South America. He received his degree in geology from McGill University in Canada.

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