Royal Quantum Group is focused on acquiring, exploring and developing resource properties located within favorable geo-political climates. Led by a highly skilled, experienced board and management team, the company is strategically positioned to benefit from rising commodity prices.

The company currently has two oil and gas prospects located on the Nemaha Ridge in North Central Oklahoma. The Nemaha Ridge is characterized by a number of pay zones at relatively shallow depths. In the mapped area, eight different horizons have been found to be productive of oil and gas.

Royal Quantum Group’s Bond Prospect is considered a low risk investment with at least ten different formations productive in the prospect area. The location has been interpreted to have the potential to hold more than 80,000 barrels of recoverable oil, plus gas valued at 20 to 30 percent of oil reserves.

The company is committed to creating value for its shareholders by building a portfolio of resource properties with the objective of advancing them to profitability. Royal Quantum Group’s management has a history of successfully managing early stage mineral exploration companies, and has great potential to lead the company to greater success.

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