An unnamed 25-year-old woman was arrested Monday after climbing into the fountains at Kaufman Stadium in the middle of the Kansas City Royals’ 13-0 win over the Minnesota Twins.

The woman, who has alternatively been dubbed “Royals Fountain Lady” and “Royals Fountain Mom,” was reportedly arrested just moments after jumping into the Kauffman Stadium’s legendary fountains, local radio station KMBZ reports. Images and videos of her fountain-hopping antics went viral after a post by Deadspin.

While authorities have yet to reveal the true identity of the “Royals Fountain Lady,” Fox4 producer Rob Zerwekh claims that the network may have shot footage of her during a pregame segment. Screenshots of the alleged footage reveal a woman wearing a Kansas City Royals T-shirt, necklace, and dark sunglasses, each of which were identical to that worn by the “Royals Fountain Lady” in her viral videos. Moreover, the woman in the Fox4 news segment appeared to be drinking an alcoholic beverage, which could have played a role in her decision to climb into the Kauffman Stadium fountains.

“Royals Fountain Mom” allegedly told Kansas City police that she had been pushed into the fountains, KMBZ reports. However, officers believe that the 25-year-old climbed in, and have since charged her with trespassing, resisting arrest, and soliciting a police officer, Kansas City radio station 96.5 the Buzz reports, via Deadspin. The Kansas City Police Department has since released the woman’s mug shot, but has not yet revealed her name.

Toby Cook, the Royals’ Vice President of Community Affairs and Publicity, told KMBZ that “Royals Fountain Lady” spent a significant portion of last night in a Jackson County jail cell. “It might look funny on websites, but it’s a dangerous thing to do,” Cook told the radio station. “Not only gets you out of the ball park really fast, it’s something we want to encourage fans not to consider because somebody could get seriously hurt if they go into the fountain.”