The royals play Wii, according to Alice St. Clair, the actress who portrays Kate Middleton in the upcoming Hallmark film, "William and Catherine: A Royal Romance."

St. Clair is referring to a scene in the television movie that shows the Duchess of Cambridge playing a match of Wii tennis with the Queen.

"They really do [play] . . . everything in the script is fact," the young actress told People.

"A lot of it was using my own experiences about being a 20-year-old," she added.

"William and Catherine: A Royal Romance" follows the blossoming relationship between Prince William and Middleton, opening with the moment they meet at the University of St. Andrews.

While the film doesn't expect viewership to reach 2 billion - that's the number of viewers that tuned into the real life royal wedding on Apr. 29 - the hype surrounding the made-for-television movie has been strong. Since news broke of the film, the Hallmark Channel Web site has been populated with photos, behind-the-scenes featurettes and previews of the film that promises to show a realistic portrayal of the royal couple.

Along with St. Clair as Middleton, American newcomer Dan Amboyer stars as Prince William, Victor Garber as Prince Charles, Jean Smart ("24") as Camilla and Jane Alexander ("The Great White Hope") as Queen Elizabeth II.

"William and Catherine: A Royal Romance" premieres on Aug. 27.