In this week’s episode of “The Royals,” both Prince Liam (William Moseley) and Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) get their hearts broken. Meanwhile, King Cyrus (Jake Maskall) gets surgery to save his life, and Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) faces a new nemesis.

Following Eleanor’s advice to trace back his happiness, Prince Liam flies to New York to see Ophelia. He apologizes for leaving her in New York, so that she could pursue her dancing career. Ophelia tells him that she found out that she only got the audition because it was a favor called in from the palace. Liam says he doesn’t have anything to do with it. She believes him, but it still doesn’t change the fact the he left her in New York when they planned to elope. She asks him to leave but he tries to ask her for another shot. Unfortunately, her new boyfriend walks in. Liam leaves her alone and knows that he has to accept the consequences of his actions.

After getting his heart broken, Liam gets kidnapped by his friends. They go clubbing to blow off some steam. There, he meets a girl and goes home with her. The following day, paparazzi are all over her door. It remains to be seen how the incident affects him and his image.

Also in a partying mood is Princess Eleanor. Her boyfriend, Beck, wakes up to find her smoking weed. He asks Eleanor to go away for the weekend, in an attempt to slow down her drug and alcohol intake. She finds out what his intentions are and feels like the whole romantic weekend is an intervention in disguise.

She sneaks out and goes clubbing. She meets a new friend who parties hard with her. They talk about Beck and her new friend makes her question the status of her relationship if she's sneaking out. She returns to him and tells him that she feels like she’s always disappointing him. She says that she can’t be in a quiet place in her life right now, and unfortunately, he is in need of the opposite. They agree to go their separate ways and move on.  

Back at the palace, King Cyrus needs to lose his right testicle if he wants to stop the cancer from spreading. He doesn’t want to lose his balls but it’s the only way to save his life. He is left with no choice and undergoes the surgery. He also decides to replace his testicle with a prosthetic. A rare vulnerable side of Cyrus is seen, when he feels bothered that his people don't like him.

The Queen is also dealing with problems of her own. Following the death of the prime minister in the previous episode, she now needs to speak with the deputy prime minister. She needs to make sure that the next prime minister will continue her plan to change the order of succession. To her dismay, the deputy prime minister is an anti-monarchist woman. She is obviously not inclined to do anything that the Queen asks of her. Helena is furious and tries to find a dirty way of getting the future prime minister to bow down to her.

Catch more of the drama as anarchy in the monarchy continues on “The Royals” every Sunday at 10:00 pm on E!.