The first season of the new E! scripted series “The Royals” wrapped up Sunday. The finale set up Season 2, with several questions left in viewers’ minds. Show creator Mark Schwahn and some of the major cast members recently talked about the plot points and their predictions for Season 2.  [Spoiler Alert!]

E! Online host Alicia Quarles sat down for a chat with Schwahn, Elizabeth Hurley (Queen Helena), William Moseley (Prince Liam) and Alexandra Park (Princess Eleanor) right after the season finale on Sunday. The finale dropped the following bombs: King Simon is dead, Cyrus is now the king and the prince and princess are still unsure if they are illegitimate or not. At this point, the story has ended on a sour note for most of the characters except perhaps for Cyrus. Schwahn says that Season 2 will be based around three basic questions.  

“Who Is Responsible For The Murder Of The King?’

King Simon was attacked and stabbed while walking outside the palace gates. The attack came just after he publicly announced his intention to abolish the monarchy. Cyrus has always been one of the prime suspects for the crime after establishing from the beginning that he has been coveting his brother’s throne all his life. Despite all of the implications, no real evidence has proven that Cyrus committed the crime.

“What Is Domino?”

A big mystery that surfaced during the season finale is the meaning behind the domino logo. It was seen on an envelope delivered to the queen just before Simon died. The logo was seen again as Queen Helena went out to greet the mourners at the palace gates. If that wasn’t enough, Prince Liam also found the logo on a new pendant that he ended up with after passing out on the street. The characters appear to know what it means but the actors admit that so far, only Schwahn knows what it’s all about.

“Are Prince Liam And Princess Eleanor Truly Illegitimate?”

Even though the queen has had affairs, it’s still uncertain if the prince and princess are indeed the king’s children. The queen says that they are illegitimate but it is unclear if she is saying so only because of her plot to help Cyrus sit on the throne.

According to Schwahn, all three questions will be answered in Season 2. However, there are a few other mysteries. First of all, Eleanor is still intent on finding out what really happened to Prince Robert. Hurley predicts that Alistair Lacey, the queen's lover, might have actually survived the assassination attempt on him. 

“The Royals” is set to return in November. The series is the first fictional scripted series created by E! and follows the lives of a fictional modern day British royal family.