E! Entertainment Television Network has just dropped the first teaser for Season 2 of its original scripted series “The Royals.” The show enjoyed a successful first season earlier this year, and is due to return in November.

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Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor are back in the palace. The trailer shows the siblings getting a less than warm welcome from their mother, Queen Helena, and their uncle, King Cyrus.

Cyrus is seen in the video finally being crowned as the new king of England following the death of his older brother. He is on top of the world and Queen Helena is determined to use him to achieve her own agenda.

Upon her return, Princess Eleanor is seen bickering with her mother just as they did in season 1. Meanwhile, Prince Liam continues to be nasty toward King Cyrus.

There is a lot of bad blood between the family members after the events of the first season. The prince and princess went off to settle some issues when viewers last saw them. Liam flew to New York to drop off his girlfriend Ophelia, so that she can pursue her dream to become a dancer. He also thought it was best for her to stay out of the crossfire inside the palace. Eleanor, meanwhile, took off with her former bodyguard Jasper, to search for some answers about their older brother’s death.

Now, both of them are back. Eleanor is determined to learn the truth about what happened to Robert, while Liam is on a mission to find justice for their murdered father. King Simon was brutally stabbed outside the palace gates last season and died from his injuries. Liam suspects that Cyrus and even their own mother might have something to do with the attack.

On top of everything else, there is also the paternity issue. The siblings lost their claim to the throne after their mother and Cyrus declared that they were not the king’s children. While DNA tests were done, there is reason to believe that the results have been tampered with.

The series returns for another season filled with scandal, violence and intrigue in November. “The Royals” stars Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena, Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor and William Moseley as Prince Liam. It is an entirely fictional story that is very loosely based on the modern-day British royal family.