Thousands were thrilled when the “Orange Is the New Black” Season 3 trailer premiered Thursday, especially because it showed the first glimpse of actress-model-DJ Ruby Rose as Litchfield’s new inmate Stella Carlin. Rose’s character has garnered attention from eager “OITNB” fans since it’s been rumored Stella attracts the attention of both Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) and Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) -- who also finds herself in the slammer once again.

The sighting of Stella isn’t much, but it was enough to create a buzz on Twitter. She winks and smirks at Piper when they’re in the cafeteria and Piper seems intrigued. That’s it. The moment doesn’t last for more than a second.

“Woow looking forward to seeing @RubyRose in this New season!!!! Yesyesyes!” one fan wrote. Ruby Rose is in the #OITNB trailer for half a second and all she does is wink but it was enough to make me PASS OUT,” another wrote.

Not everyone was happy to see her in the trailer. Those who want to see Alex and Piper together just view Stella as an obstacle. “My problem isn't stella being interested in piper and alex, my problem is them choosing stella over each other,” one Twitter user wrote. “If Piper or Alex miraculously wanna be with Stella imma be super p----d because you don't just lose feelings for someone that quick,” another person shared.

Rose, 29, took to Instagram after the trailer premiered: “#sorrynotsorrry @oitnb official trailer just launched and I'm just so glad I learnt how to wink from a young age.” The message was liked more than 26,000 times by her 484,000 followers.

Stella was just one part of the 2-minute trailer. The rest of it shows an insanely funny scene with Crazy Eyes, Big Boo getting a makeover, more new inmates and Nicky free on the outside.

Don't miss Season 3 of "Orange Is the New Black" when it premieres on Netflix Friday, June 12.

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