Demi Moore and Rumer Willis surprised everyone by posting a "twinning" picture on their social media profile, where the mother and daughter looked more like twins. Willis, the 26-year-old “Dancing With The Stars” winner, has now opened up about the details of the twin picture -- and what was the most annoying thing about it.

"She had on this outfit and I thought it was really cute because we both really like overalls and onesies," Willis told E! News in a recent interview, adding that her 52-year-old mother always ends up buying something identical that she wears. "So I asked her where she got it and she said, ‘Oh, I actually have one that's a little bit bigger size upstairs and I put it on and then I kind of just look at us in the mirror and I said, ‘We have to take a photo. Do you have another pair of glasses like this?"

The two clicked their picture and surprised everybody by how much they resembled one another. But Willis was not completely happy with the picture: She told the website that she was a little “bummed” that she did not part her hair in the center, like her mother. In the picture, Willis has her hair parted on one side.

Willis said she is now looking forward to doing "another one [photoshoot] at some point." The gorgeous daughter of Moore and actor Bruce Willis also talked to the website about her great figure. She credits her toned body to dancing rigorously with her partner on the ABC show: Val Chmerkovskiy.

Willis said she does not like to work out in the gym and hates the treadmill, as it is quite “monotonous.” She also thinks that running on treadmill is like “not working toward anything.” Comparatively, dancing is “much more fun” and gives her a sense of achievement and purpose. As for her diet, nothing much has changed. The leggy lass said she still loves to eat French fries and they are “still a large part of my diet.”