Even as Apple is basking in the unprecedented success of the iPhone 4S released this October amidst reports of an impending iPhone 5 launch; rumors are rife of the launch of the next iPad version - the iPad 3 in the spring of 2012. This anticipation comes in the wake of Apple releasing both the previous tablet versions in March.

Although not much has been known about this new version, leaked news sources have revealed that the new iPad 3 will perhaps be slimmer with an all-new connector dock. The inclusion of a quad-core processor, similar to high-end laptops also been strongly debated.

Rumor #1: Slim is in

The iPad 3, according to sources is anticipated to be a slimmer version of the iPad 2, which currently has a 24-pin connector; and would mean that many users could have to throw out add-ons such as iPad docks and keyboards. There is also news that the forthcoming version will have screen of the same size as that of iPad 2 - unlike prior rumors of the creation of an iPad Mini to take on the competitions from contemporary Android devices from Dell and Samsung.

Rumor #2: Retina display

It is still debatable if the iPad 3 will get a doubled pixel count, or be upgraded to a retina display - 2048 x 1536 resolutions. Even though there has been much anticipation that an eventuality of such a resolution would make iPad 3 a sure-shot winner, not seen on any tablets till date. However, one thing is for sure, considering Apple's track record - whatever or whenever Apple's iPad resolution is increased it'll be rest assured that they can handle all eventualities. As Steve Jobs put it (on Retina display) somewhere around 300ppi, the human eye can no longer differentiate between individual pixels, thereby, this resolution would fall short at 264ppi.

Rumor #3: Cheaper

There is high anticipation that the next upcoming version of the iPad might be cheaper owing to stiff competition in corresponding category. This is mainly so since the announcement of the 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet strategically priced at $199 to raise the heat of competition and give iPad a run for its money.

Rumor #4: Smaller dock connector

There is strong rife and agreement about a certain change in the next iPad version, and that is about a smaller dock connector. Until now, every previous iOS device has had the same 30-pin connection. So it is believed that the new connector would be redesigned in a smaller form factor and would supposedly carry the same number of pins.

Whether any of these rumors prove to be true will be seen in the months to come, like as with every Apple launches - people just love to guess the marvel of its technological flamboyance.

Apple, of course has kept its comments reserved on the rumors.


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