Charlie Sheen's character on the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men is rumored to exit the show in a coffin. 

Rumors have spread online that the creator of the show, Chuck Lorre, is planning on killing off Sheen's character, Charlie Harper.

The season premiere is set to open the comedy series ninth season on Sept. 19 with a memorial service for Charlie. In attendance will be many of the girlfriends Sheen's character has encountered and the fate of his Malibu beach house will be up in the air as it will be put up for sale.

Ashton Kutcher is on board to replace Sheen as one of the two titular men and is rumored to be one of the potential buyers for Charlie's property. Other buyers are said to be real stars and characters from creator Chuck Lorre's other programs.

And what will happen to Charlie's brother Alan and nephew Jake with his demise? That's for fans to put together.

The producers of the show, CBS and Warner Bros. TV, have not commented on the rumors which are not likely to affect the season's premiere. However, Comedy Central will be airing a celebrity roast of Charlie Sheen which will take place on Sept. 10 in Los Angeles and premiered the night of the Two and a Half Men airing on Sept. 19.

No matter what, the night of Sept. 19 will be Sheen's,  and in his own words regarding his roast, "It's going to be epic."