Rush Limbaugh hit new heights (or depths) of metaphoric understanding Tuesday, dubbing the president Barack Kardashian, to lambaste Barack Obama's celebrity status and red carpet friends. The White House's response was dismissive, as is usually the case when asked about Limbaugh.

The conservative radio firebrand mocked the president's recent fundraising ads featuring Sarah Jessica Parker and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, calling the campaign out of touch.

This is celebrity of the United States kind of stuff. This is not president of the United States kind of stuff. It's not broad appeal. It's not trying to relate to the average person, Limbaugh said. He's becoming Barack Kardashian. ... He is becoming the male Kim Kardashian with this stuff, and it's been building.

Asked during the daily White House press briefing about Limbaugh's comments, Obama's press secretary Jay Carney said, Two words: Donald Trump. Next question.

Limbaugh shot back on Wednesday, gloating that he has gotten under the White House's proverbial skin.

I got to thinking, you actually could say it's an insult to the Kardashians, because they have started businesses, he said. They have employed people. Obama's not done some of the things the Kardashians have done.

To take Rush to task, the list of things the Kardashian's have done and Obama hasn't is too long to recount. Where they do overlap is in milking Kanye West's afterglow for press attention: Obama called the rapper a jackass for his treatment of Taylor Swift at the Grammys, and Kim Kardashian decided to start calling him her boyfriend (or whatever she calls them).

Republicans have used Obama's A-list Rolodex against him in the past. Obama's propensity to lean on Hollywood during campaign season was brought up during his initial run in 2008, when his then-opponent John McCain released an ad mocking the president's flashy ways.