Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is no stranger to gossip. While some of the scuttlebutt is nothing more than fiction, there are a few that could possibly be true. Some of them have been listed below:

1. “I Bet” singer Ciara is pregnant. Wilson and Ciara gushed they wanted to “have a bunch of kids,” but the rumor mill claims the happy couple is already expecting a bundle-of-joy in the near future. Ciara, however, has been accused of being pregnant multiple times. Anytime her belly is inflated more than normal, fans assume it’s a baby bump. She once shot down the accusation and said her stomach was bigger than normal because she had a cheeseburger for lunch.

2. Wilson’s ex-wife, Ashton Meem, cheated on him with former Seattle Seahawks teammate Golden Tate. While Wilson and Meem have not addressed the rumor, Tate shot down the accusation on Twitter on April 30, 2014—after Wilson filed for divorce from Meem. Tate now plays for the Detroit Lions. 

“[By the way,] the ignorant minority of people, bloggers and whoever else spreading ridiculous rumors should cut it out. It's absurd the stories that are being made up from whatever souce. In fact, Elise and Ashton are still incredible friends, as well as Russ an I,” he wrote at the time. “I strongly advice that ignorant folks blowing this situation up and spreading this rumor to shut the hell up.” (Elise Pollard is Tate’s fiancée)

3. Wilson is gay. This rumor first circulated after he filed for divorce from Meem. The implication was made again by outspoken Chicago sports radio host Dan Bernstein in July 2015. “I understand there were times past where you felt you had to live a lie. This isn't that time,” he said, according to Yahoo. “This is quite the opposite of that; you don't have to live a lie. You don't have to be artificial.”

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