Expressing concern over the increasing incidents of extremist violence in Pakistan and its precarious political situation, Russia has said that peace cannot be established in Afghanistan until its estranged neighbor is stabilized, reports say.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Sergei Ivanov expressed concern Wednesday over the turbulent situation along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border saying, ...the Pakistani-Afghan border is a safe haven for terrorists, for the Taliban.

He said that the militants were utilizing Pakistan's soil as their base for conducting operations in Afghanistan. They hit and run back to Pakistan. So you have to deal with both. Both (countries)are very unstable, he added.

Stating that Moscow was 'very much concerned' about the security of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, Ivanov said that in the present scenario where every country was aiming to acquire nuclear power, there was an immediate need for a revamped policy in this context.

He asserted that the present system of missile non-proliferation was not working, and his country was ready to work with the United States to come out with an effective nuclear non-proliferation program.

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