On the same day a tall ship went missing off the coast of North Carolina, a Russian vessel with 11 crewmembers and 700 tons of gold ore has disappeared off of the country’s Pacific Coast, according to Bloomberg.

The dry-cargo freighter Amurskaya, which was ferrying the ore for Russian gold mining company Polymetal International Plc, was on its way to Okhotsk from its point of embarkation, Kiran, when it sent a distress call before vanishing on Sunday near the Shartar Islands.

Air and sea rescue missions have been marred by heavy snow, rains, and winds in the area. Recovery efforts have yet to yield  positive results.

Typically, the ore is sent from one deposit to another, where it is eventually processed. According to the AP, the freighting company says it has shipped ore using the same route in the past, incurring no problems.

Polymetal,listed on London’s FTSE 100 index, claims that responsibility for the cargo lies with the freighting company.

The gold mining company, according to Bloomberg, won’t feel too substantial of a loss from the missing ore; it’s reported to be worth only $800,000.