Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in a fatal car crash on Monday but many people believe that the prankster is pulling his most elaborate prank ever, possibly to promote his next movie 'Living Will'.

Although reports are flooding the Internet that the 34-year-old is really dead after crashing his Porsche 911 GT3 into a patch of trees at a speed of nearly 140 mph, yet many of Dunn's fans believe that the Jackass star is playing an elaborate hoax on them.

A private funeral service was held on Wednesday but Dunn's fans think the car crash is a joke (and possibly the most elaborate one so far). They think Dunn has played the prank to promote his next movie 'Living Will,' where he is supposed to come back from dead as a ghost to hang out with his friends.

The doubt is understandable, considering how Dunn lived his entire career life, performing ridiculous, crude and dangerous pranks in Jackass, Viva La Bam, Homewrecker, and Proving Ground.

Some media have fueled the rumor as well.

According to Jalopnik.com, Fox News even published an article headlined: 'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Killed in Car Crash, Found To Be a Joke! Fox News allegedly said TMZ ran the story, reporting that 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn has not really died in a car crash in pennsylvania early this morning.

According to the report, April, mother of Dunn's friend and Jackass co-star Bam Margera, played a major role in the gag.

Fox even quoted Dunn as saying, I'm not sorry for making everyone think I was dead. I actually thought it was pretty funny.

The story later was taken off the Internet.

A thread group was also started in MTV.com by a user with the ID 'Harley Colbert,' which was titled, BREAKING NEWS RYAN DUNN IS NOT DEAD!!! READ THIS!!

Another user with the ID 'aporter17,' who claimed to have worked in law enforcement wrote in the threaded discussion, Unless you were there or seen the body it’s hard to believe!

It's ******** saying if the news says it happened it's true!!! That's not the case, I have worked in law enforcement and been a firefighter for awhile, and one thing I know the news will make up or play along with anything!!!! Unless you were there or seen the body it's hard to believe!!! Maybe he really is dead which is pretty sad, but maybe it was a joke which is pretty messed up. But these guys are known to do some crazy ****, and look back in a lot of their movies, they pay people and places to play along. So no one knows at this point until he shows himself confessing it was a joke or him really being dead!!!! 'aporter17' said.

Users on cloakanddagger.org have also raised doubts whether Dunn is really dead, asking Is this another celebrity stunt for publicity? and Is Dunn making a JACKASS out of the American people?

Is Ryan Dunn really dead, or is this another of his elaborate prank? When Michael Jackson died, nobody believed he was dead. Will people believe that Ryan Dunn is really dead? Or is this his most elaborate prank ever?

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