is reporting that Ryan Dunn, star of Jackass died in a car crash on Sunday night in Pennsylvania.

TMZ reported that the accident happened on Route 322 in New Street in West Goshen Township at 3 a.m. The unidentified passenger also died in the crash. It is not yet clear who was driving the car.

The news was first announced by April Margera, the mother of Dunn's co-star Bam to WMMR 93.3's Preston and Steve radio show.

TMZ also reported that the last photo Dunn posted on his personal Twitter account showed him and two friends drinking what appear to be alcoholic drinks. According to the report, the car also caught fire in the crash and that a tow truck was sent to the scene of the accident to remove the car.

Dunn is known for doing risky stunts and skateboard tricks in a series of online videos, and for his role in MTV's Jackass in 2000. He later played a key role  in the spin-off Viva La Bam and Bam's Unholy Union, as Bam Margera's sidekick.

Dunn's latest show, Proving Ground, premiered on G4 last Tuesday, according to

Dunn also appeared in all three Jackass. He also appeared in Blonde Ambition with Jessica Simpson, and on an episode of Law & Order SVU.