Ryan Hamil, a three year-old boy missing in Oklahoma since Tuesday after a tornado ripped him and his brother from their mothers' side, was found dead Thursday as his father expressed deep anguish amid a large loss of life across the MidWest due to numerous tornadoes in recent weeks.

Search and rescue teams on Thursday morning discovered the boy three to four feet away from Falcon Lake in Piedmont, Oklahoma, according to Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Chris West.

He was the 10th victim of Tuesday's storm.

Ryan's mother Katherine Hamil and sister Kathleen were injured and in a hospital, according to KOCO television. Another sibling, 15-month old Cole was also lost in the storm. All three children were reportedly huddled in a bathtub with their mother when the tornado hit.

 For anybody that's a parent, I've got two sons, I can tell you that the scene that we had this morning when the family, the father and some grandparents came to the shoreline and reunited with their child was very emotional, West told reporters.

There's a very tragic loss for a lot of people in Oklahoma as well. Across the nation there's been a lot of death. There's not great joy in making that, getting that family reunited. It's very sad.

Ryan's father Hank then approached a stand with microphones where West was speaking to speak with reporters.

I just want to thank everybody for helping and being there. It's a bad deal I lost both my boys, he said, choking back tears as he began to sob.

I was hoping we'd find Ryan today alive but -- Ryan was my little buddy. I lost two. I loved them both. I just want to thank everybody again for helping, all they've done. Thanks he said.

Hank's parents thanked people who helped. His mother, who was unidentified, said his daughter Cathleen looks like she's going to be okay after two pretty serious surgeries on Wednesday night.

The Oklahoma tornado is one in a series of tornadoes which have struck the Midwest this tornado season.

In Joplin, Missouri, site of a much larger tornado, the search for victims is continuing unabated. At least 125 people have been killed, according to the latest count.