Actor Ryan O‘Neal is allegedly being investigated for a missing Andy Warhol painting of Farah Fawcett worth $30 million, reported .

The painting was spotted hanging in O'Neal’s bedroom during the airing of a reality show with his daughter Tatum O’Neal on the OWN channel.

The painting was a part of an art collection bequeathed to Texas University by actress Farrah Fawcett.

Fawcett did not mention Ryan O'Neal, with whom she had an on-off relationship for 30 years, in her will. The actress left a fortune valued at $6 million.
June 25 was the two-year death anniversary of the Charlie’s Angel star.

There is still no settlement of her estate and the University of Texas where she studied art, is still looking for some missing art work, including this photo-art by Warhol done in 1980. It was a two-part series, one of which is reported missing.

The University has hired private investigators to trace the missing art and sought the help of Craig Nevius, a business partner and friend of Farrah, according to the website.

News reports claim Nevius found the first clue in Tataum O’ Neal’s newly released autobiography where she mentions the various pictures hanging in her father’s bedroom in Malibu including “Andy Warhol’s portrait of Farrah.”

In a recent episode of the reality show on the O’ Neal's family, a similar looking portrait was seen hanging over his bed.

O'Neal, famous for his role in Love Story for which got him an Oscar nomination has said that all of Farrah's wishes expressed in her will have been fulfilled. A representative for O'Neal said the actor has not betrayed Fawcett's final wishes.

Nevius and O Neal have been in litigation over the NBC documentary on Farrah Fawcett’s fight with cancer.