S2C Global Systems, Inc., an exporter of natural bulk water and supplier of water distribution technologies, recently announced that the company has entered into discussions with government officials in Mexico City and the Municipal District of Southern California to supplement their fresh water supply. The current water shortages in Los Angeles and Mexico City threaten approximately 40 million people.

S2C’s primary focus is Alaska Resource Management, LLC, a partnership with True Alaska Bottling, to export of billions of gallons of water globally from the water sheds of Baranof Island, Alaska. S2C’s chief executive officer, Alejandro Bautista, has been invited along with the managing partner of Alaska Resource Management, Rod Bartlett, to meet with officials of Mexico City to determine a suitable water supply strategy. In addition, Joe Dickson, the chief financial officer of S2C Global Systems is currently in talks with the Municipal District of Southern California to meet the legal and regulatory requirements of importing fresh water from Alaska into Southern California.

Rod Bartlett of Alaska Resource Management stated, “Although the California process is meticulous we will do everything we can to meet the Californian need as expeditiously as possible.” Mr. Bartlett continued, “We can supplement both cities with adequate supplies of fresh drinking water within a reasonable time frame.”