Safaree Samuels was forced to change his phone number and delete his email accounts after receiving death threats, he says. The rapper posted on Instagram Thursday that he is making a few changes in his life and removing people who are not a part of his "plan for success.”

“Got alotta death threats yesterday so I changed my # and closed all my email accounts. If your not part of my plan for success don’t hit me asking for my #,” he wrote. “I usually chg my # every 3 months anyway it was overdue..ppl gonna have to start talking to me through 3rd party, I might try not having a phone for a while.”


Samuels’ post comes days after his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, went on a Twitter rant accusing him of trying to sue her over claims that she was physically and emotionally abusive during their relationship. Samuels and the “Anaconda” rapper split in 2014 after dating for more than a decade.

“Tweeted on the 5th that the 6th was my baby’s bday. Celebrated on the 6th for his bday (publicly). Served w/a lawsuit on the 9th. lol,” Minaj tweeted, adding in another post: “Two years later this poor excuse of a man  is suing me & claiming to have been physically & emotionally abused. Lol He’s so miserable.”

According to TMZ, Minaj’s Twitter rant was sparked after her team received a letter from Samuels’ lawyer warning them about a lawsuit that he threatened her with in November where he claims Minaj owes him money for his contributions toward her albums, “The Pink Print,” “Pink Friday” and “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.” The gossip outlet reported that Samuels has “proof” that he helped with the projects, including videos of their recording sessions and voice memos.