Safe Technologies International, – the providers of managed IT services ranging from cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery under the SDS (Strategic Data Support) brand to Total Office (full-spectrum/fixed-cost/rapidly deployable) platform solutions, reported selection of the Company’s Data SafeHarbor service by law firm CreditorCollections.

CreditorCollections has implemented the cloud-based Data SafeHarbor backup service as a cost-effective fail-safe mechanism for the firm’s IT environment.

President of CreditorCollections, attorney Joel B. Blumberg, characterized the kind of global asset recovery the firm does as being exceptionally demanding in terms of the need for increasingly complex IT framework solutions in order to produce robust/reliable capabilities.

Blumberg cited massive increases in the volume of demand for services as fundamental to the decision to choose SDS’s Data SafeHarbor for ironclad backup, but was blown away by how seamless and tight the integration was and how effortless and problem-free the roll out was.

Blumberg went on to praise the tech support and assistance provided by SDS throughout the process, remarking with pleasure at how the office staff was free from concerns about backing up the data, allowing them the freedom to generate laser-focus on core objectives.

The overall improvement to cost, reliability and personnel efficiency cannot be fully quantified, but as President of SDS, Christopher Kolb, put it “data loss is very common”, and as any business knows which has experienced such a loss, the results can be infrastructurally devastating.

Kolb underscored the amelioration of burden upon the administrative staff’s requirements to perform data backup routines and explained that the rapid growth of CreditorCollections would really show off Data SafeHarbor’s ease of use and scalability.

CreditorCollections utilizes a wide range of legal methods in the process of asset recovery and one must have some experience with the profession to understand the sheer mass of data that must be meticulously managed, which is why a cloud-based system like SDS’s Data SafeHarbor is such an ideal solution.